Headsets in Call Center - Quality or quantity?

Headsets in Call Center - Quality or quantity?


There is approximately two hundred and fifty thousand people who work in Call Center in Poland. In addition it is growing and growing. 250 000 people are working 8-10 hours per day sitting in one place and wearing office headphones https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets. They have to talk to thousands of people every single day. It is stressful and exhausting. But it is not a main topic. Today we will take a look at their headsets. Does quality matter? Maybe it is better for employers to buy more cheaper models? What is the best option?


Not only call center

Call center employees are not only workers using office headphones. People working in customer service, support and helpline use them too. They have even tougher task, because they have to try to solve people’s problems and that is hard. All of their headsets are pretty good quality. Why only “pretty good” and not “great” or “awesome”? Well… because they don’t need the best possible quality.




The most important thing in their headphones is a microphone. Why? Well, people need to understand them very well to answer their questions. Good microphone is a key here. Why not good sound quality? Of course it is very important, but it doesn’t matter when a person’s phone has bad microphone quality or he is standing on very noisy street or something. The best noise reduction will not help here in this case.

We need to remember that these people work all day with their office headphones on their heads. That’s why headsets need to be very comfortable. It’s good when they are flexible and have movable parts. It’s weight is important too. It has to be light. Heavy weight can cause pain.




Let’s talk about employers point of view. Most of these companies are pretty big and employ thousands of workers. Big amount of employees means big outgoings. That’s why they have to think about it a lot and something employers just decide to choose cheaper headsets to save some money. Of course it affects their workers but sometimes it is just a must.


What’s more important?


Well, it depends. Working in call center is not anyone’s dream but if you work there, you just want to feel comfortable. You want to work with new, high quality tools and accessories. In that case quality wins. If you are the employer you care about your workers and whole company and sometimes you are pushed to choose cheaper tools to save some money. In my opinion, quality is always more important but I have never walked in these employers’ shoes. Just try to understand them sometimes.